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Amfani is a Human Resource Management System that enables the effective and efficient matchmaking of applicants to jobs by providing a variety of tools and resources for both applicants and employers. It seeks to make the job hunting and recruitment process easier, intuitive and effective for both would-be applicants and organizations that are looking for quality candidates to fill available positions.

The platform also offers various Human Resource modules to help HR departments properly manage employee records, payroll, leave management among others. Amfani is the go-to Human Resource Management system for business-driven and people-focused Human Resource professionals.

Features of the Amfani Human Resource Management System

  • Account Management
  • Resume Management
  • Feedback and Notification
  • Testing
  • Storage and Archive
  • Calendar Management
  • Learning and Training
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Attendance and Tracking

Benefits of our suite of services

  • It will help candidates searching for jobs or looking to change their career meet with people in the same field on the forum. Candidates can interact with others and participate in answering field related daily posts.
  • Amfani offers candidates the advantage of being found by the company by simply participating and getting ranked. The more ranks candidate gets, the more noticed they become.
  • Experts can contribute their quota to the vocation they have passion for by participating and inspiring some wannabees on the platform. One can also transition into another company without the pressure of finding a job.
  • Amfani gives candidates the opportunity to find their key strength, weak points and suggests training to help better their chances of being selected.
  • A company can find desired candidates by job specialization, hard and soft skills.
  • Amfani gives companies the platform to test candidates before inviting them for assessment.
  • Companies can single out candidates who answer questions in line with the desired school of thought.
  • Companies can perform advanced filtering to narrow the search down to desired candidates.
  • Amfani also gives companies the platform to advertise jobs and test candidates by specialization even before meeting them physically.
  • A company can participate in the forum as a candidate and engage with people they are likely to employ.

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