Are you having issues recovering debts from clients?

 Then worry no more, Interra debt recovery services will assist you not only recover debt but will take care to represent your brand and improve business relationships. Our team of experienced and highly trained staff will ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

We employ a respectful and personalized approach to collecting your debt in order to help maintain the customer relationship. So why not trust the Interra Debt Recovery Service and save time, energy, and resources while recovering your debt.


Our objectives are:
• Recover your unpaid debt
• Increase your revenue base by using different recovery techniques
• Identify, ascertain, and establish causes of bad debt, arrears, or poor payments.

• Increase Customer retention

Our Debt Recovery Service has the following capabilities:

  • Consulting on Debt Management program: We will assist you with a business review of your debt management process with the following deliverables.
    • Recovery and debt management strategies for debtor segmentation
    • Establish appropriate debt collection policy
    • Establish the causes and challenges pertaining to identified accounts or debtors
    • A detailed report on findings and recommendations
  • Debt Collection and Recovery Service: This is focused on using different channels to contact the customer.
    Omni-channel Debt Collection System
      • Telephone
      • SMS
      • IVR
      • WhatsApp

    An integrated Debt Management System

      • This will provide a 360-degree view of all interaction between debtors and recovery service
      • Manage and reconcile all collections
      • Real-time and Historical Reporting and Analytics capabilities
  • Why Choose Us?

      • Save time and costs by allowing your workforce to focus on other pressing duties.
      • Our collection reduces your debt portfolio in arrears.
      • We provide you with new sources of information on reasons for non-payment of debts
      • We increase the recovery of debts and increase cash flow
      • Our advisory services enable a better run debt management program
      • Better handling of new accounts as more time is utilized.

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  • Customer Retention Services: Customer support and retention services focused on improving the customer experience. We will utilize an Omni-channel customer support/retention strategy as well as a customer feedback system.
  • Build and promote a cordial relationship with customers
  • Analyze customer interactions to identify “at-risk” customers
  • Track customer actions to understand behavior, interests, intent, wants, needs and perception of the customers
  • A proactive approach to boost customer loyalty
  • Enhance 360-degree customer view.

We have over the years achieved an 80% success rate in helping creditors recover back their debts. Our “Persistence & Determination” gives us the results of Our Success.