Outsourced Contact Center Services.

The National Tuberculosis Call Center

In a bid to enhance the incidence reporting of suspected TB cases, BA-N in collaboration with the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP) implemented an outsourced call center that will assist callers with information on TB related matters and Health Care Facilities they can receive free TB treatment from.

The details of the engagement as provided below;

  • Provide Outsource Contact Centre services in order to provide TB Information via the telephone for presumptive cases and the general public
  • Send an SMS Referral of the nearest testing centre to the caller.
  • Followup on referrals that received testing location information via unsolicited phone calls to determine if testing occurred and if it didn’t, determine the reasons why.Capture details and capture in the TBIMS.

  • Contact tracing on callers that volunteered information on testing positive.