At Interra, Customer Support Is Not A Service, It’s An Attitude!!

Interra Networks is the leading provider of Call Center/Contact Center Services in Nigeria.

With over 10 years of experience and expertise in the delivery of exceptional multi-channel and multilingual Call Center/Contact Center Services for the public and private sectors in Nigeria, you can trust Interra to deliver unique call center solutions on your behalf. We offer different service options tailored to suit your specific needs namely – Outsourced, Deployed, and Cloud-Based options.

Move your business from being product-focused to customer-focused by leveraging our Call Center & Contact Center Services to deliver excellent customer service all day, every day. Backed-up by years of experience acquired from working with our valued clients across the public and private sector and various industries, your business can be guaranteed a Call Center/ Contact Center solution that works for you.

How do you want to be reached by your customers? Telephone, email, chat, or social media? Do you need to run campaigns, surveys, and telemarketing? Whatever the need, we have the people, process, and technology to provide this service at a cost-effective rate.

Interra Networks is available to meet all your Call Center/Contact Center needs in Abuja, Lagos, and other locations in Nigeria and beyond.

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Choose The Contact Center Model That Best Suits Your Business Needs!
Outsourced Call Center/Contact Center Model:
We provide customers with all the desired features of a Contact Center Service from our state of the art facility. With a view to improving customer loyalty and business continuity. With the outsourced options, you will enjoy the following benefits.
  • Cost –reduction in personnel cost, rents, rates and infrastructure
  • Improved business continuity
  • Scalability
  • Certified and trained multi-lingual customer service agents
  • Risk Reduction
  • Improved business control, the security of data, and more efficient processes and procedures.
On-Premise Call Center/Contact Center Model
We deploy reliable and sustainable Contact Center Solutions at your facility that meet your unique requirements and provide you with the right technical support. The entire contact center technology infrastructure is deployed on-premise at the client’s site. Our suite of products, features, and expertise in integration will enable you to provide unmatched services. We also provide customer service training to equip your staff with the skills required to effectively run the contact center and technical support to ensure 24/7 service uptime.
Cloud-based Call Center (CCaaS)
Run your Contact Center from anywhere in the world on a secure and reliable network. Agents can be at the office or at home, spread across any geography. We provide you with innovative mobile marketing techniques to engage your customers. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the compelling advantages of moving contact center infrastructure to the cloud as they seek competitive advantages in customer experience, satisfaction, and retention. Read More
Offshore Outsourced Call Centre Service The Interra Offshore Outsourced Call Center service is designed to provide efficient and effective customer support services at a reduced cost for a wide range of customers. Outsource your call center or telesales activity to us, concentrate on your core functions, reduce cost and optimize service delivery. Read More….

Flexible solutions for your business needs!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Collect, collate, store, and share valuable information gathered from interactions with customers and prospects. We offer you CRM solutions that enable you to utilize customer information to make informed decisions. Over the years, we have helped clients transform the customer experience, that’s why we’ ve built a complete platform that intelligently routes all of your customer interactions with CRMs to your schedule and improves your workforce and to analyze trends.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Enable a telephone auto-attendant and your customers access your business on a 24-7 basis. We have taken steps to enhance the popular IVR feature in telephony to enable advanced self-service options such as electronic payments, order placements, and participation in surveys.
Customer Service Training
Our Customer Service training program is focused on producing and enhancing a customer-centric workforce. Your organization will be assured of effective customer relationship management and retention. One key deliverable of this training is to equip your front-line staff with the skillset and attitude to deliver excellent customer service.
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