Interra Networks recognizes that a trained and skilled workforce is necessary for effective service delivery and as such we are committed to promoting the professional development of people in both the public and private sectors.

Successful completion of any of our training will ensure that you are able to increase your output and what you have to offer in your establishment. The trainings have been designed to be very comprehensive but most importantly are delivered in a very effective manner. Ultimately, recipients of our training modules can boast of significantly improved capacity.

To make this happen, we have in our employ, seasoned professionals in the field of customer service and relationship management who have developed tailor-made training programs across several industry verticals from years of experience in this industry.

Some of our Training Modules
  1. Customer service Training (Customer 101)
  2. Advanced Customer Service Training
  3. Contact Center management Training
  4. Social Media Training
  5. Customer Relationship Management (The Principle)
  6. Customer Relationship Management (An Automated Approach)
  7. Strategic Sales & Marketing Training
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