Interra provides thought leadership and direction to clients in the different fields of Information Communication Technology and consulting expertise across the broad spectrum of functional areas required by organizations in the emerging markets. We use real-world expertise and experience to help clients solve their business challenges and go further to plan, design, and implement leading-edge end-to-end technology solutions.

We offer consulting solutions that deliver measurable results and service delivery to our clients while creating operational efficiencies that drive down costs. Interra Networks has a proven track record of delivering consulting services to leading companies across a broad range of industries, in the delivery of its consulting services, Interra expertly combines people, processes and technology (PPT) where it looks at technology and its impact on the organizational processes and human capital.

Our consulting competence cuts across the following:
  • Strategy Advisory Services: We provide strategic advisory services that help organizations evaluate their sustainability performance, assess existing sustainability strategy, develop sustainability vision and strategy framework and define consistent, group-wide sustainability key performance indicators and integrating them into a reporting structure, developing appropriate data collection and information reporting among others.
  • Process Consulting: Interra Networks plays a transformation role in the process of reforming an organization’s processes in order to make it capable enough to successfully meeting day to day business challenges. There is a need for organizations to adopt process consulting services for the successful optimization and redesigning of day to day processes in order to improve productivity and also add business value.
  • Technology Consulting: Our technology consulting services are aimed at helping our clients to transform their business with the latest technology, design thinking, and digital assets to optimally achieve their business goals.   We help organizations transform technology, operations, and service delivery to meet business challenges. Interra Networks technology consulting segment spans both advisory and implementation services.  We also play a major role in our clients in order to uncover the right technology to solve business problems, reduce unnecessary costs, digital transformation, and improve the IT processes.
  • Change Management: Our consulting services are affected in the change management process, techniques, and tools to manage the people side of change to achieve the business outcome. In this digital era, every organization is making an effort to transform into a new digital change approach such as AI, analytics, big data, experience-led design and utilizes digital solutions to engage and inspire employees.Change management is vital in bringing all the right resources and people together in ways that can capitalize on the benefits and provide never-ending success. For change to manifest, the organization must initiate the people to adopt new ways of thinking, work approach, and operating, in order for the company to achieve its goals and enduring benefits. Our teams always work closely with clients to execute the change management strategy, objectives, and deliverables to ensure change happens both effectively and efficiently.