To remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies must leverage on highly available, agile, and physically secure networks to increase efficiency and profitability. In Interra Networks Limited, we fully understand the impact of network downtime on an organization’s workflow. We have therefore mastered the “Science” of designing, implementing, and managing network infrastructural solutions that ultimately deliver reliable services to your customer. Our network infrastructure solution stands as a framework that enables the functionality of an organization’s software applications, enabling network expansion at a cost-efficient rate. Our Networking service is sufficiently advanced and distinguishable from others. Our solution covers the following:
  • Network Design and Consulting: If you need a review or upgrade of your business process with respect to up to date technological trends and unfailing network infrastructure. Then look no more, we are here for you. Our consulting experts will get to know you, your business, what you need, where you aim to be and your budget then provide the best options for customized IT business services.
  • Structured Connectivity: At Interra networks we understand that connectivity in business and is key to providing solutions to your clients. Interra networks provide full-service network infrastructure plan, design, building, deployment, and implementation for new buildings or multi-office connections.
  • High-Speed Routing and switching: We employ best-of-breed routing & switching technologies as part of total infrastructure solutions. We also deploy Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert(CCIE) resources in the design, deployment, and support of advanced networks from the edge to the network core. With an emphasis on security and reliability, our engineers carefully work with you to design the right network configuration to enable increased innovation and capacity, combined with reduced costs and complexity.
  • Network Cabling Services: Our Voice & Data Network Cabling Services include the installation, service, and support of expert consultants who can quickly get your systems up and running. With Network Monitoring & Maintenance created to help you achieve your goals in the short and long term, your new technology infrastructure can evolve like your business.
  • Network Security Services: The activities of intruders are a serious threat to the business process, at Interra networks we offer network security solutions that monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic and makes or blocks data packets according to a series of security laws or policies, these policies are designed based on your need as our clients.

How can Interra help?:

Our team of experts will assist you to discover your business needs. Some of the things we can help with include:
  • Network Assessments: Proactive network assessments to help you identify problems, find solutions, and track performance over time. By conducting regular network assessments, we can review and analyze your network in its entirety.
  • Design and Architecture: We start with understanding how your business operates in order to design an effective, scalable, and secure system that allows your employees and customers to always be connected.
  • Managed Network Services: With your network being the single most important component of your organization, downtime and outages are not an option. Give the responsibility of supporting, monitoring, and maintaining your networks to managed service providers like us for peace of mind.
  • Documentation: As your IT provider, we believe in maintaining thorough network and device documentation for seamless support across our teams as well as for maintenance and audit purposes.
  • Implementation & Support: From configuring access points to implementing enterprise network solutions, we have a full team of certified network technicians to take care of any projects or issues that may occur.
  • Service Level Agreements: We pride ourselves in taking the best care of our customers by showing immediate action when issues arise. Our SLA’s include guaranteed response and access to specialized departments and engineers to ensure you’re being taken care of

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Expertise: We provide our customers with the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. We give our best in searching for the most effective solutions for our clients. Our long list of partnerships and alliances ensures that whatever solution you may need we can provide it with the best prices and support options that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Our  Engineers: We have a pool of expert network engineers with years of experience in each aspect of network infrastructure. Having successfully designed and deployed network solutions in both the public and private sectors, Our Network infrastructure services are the right fit for your company regardless of your size.

We deliver our solutions around the leading manufacturers’ products and software, enabling our customers to have access to superior technology that lowers their investment risk. You also enjoy free training sessions from our professional network administrators before we hand over the fully installed and functional network to your company