Today’s businesses ensure that service delivery is seamless and user-friendly with distinct software applications. We offer high‐quality and cost‐effective Software development Services that meet our customer’s business needs. We leverage strongly on our capabilities & experience in system integration and multiple technology platforms, to bring you a range of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions and services.

We take pride in our Applications development team who possess proven expertise in second and third-party system integration and have demonstrated this in projects for renowned public and private institutions in the country.


With the evolution of software and technology, we design, develop and deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the world and deliver optimal solutions with quality and services at reasonable prices. We deliver services in the following areas;

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Mobile Application development

We have a team of mobile application developers who have mastered the creativity and knowledge to accomplish your business needs. With vast knowledge and experience, our mobile app developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications that suit customers’ needs offering mobile application development services for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Our solutions involve the development of well-designed mobile applications that would run on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Practically, we can turn any application a user desires into a mobile-friendly format.

Transform your Mobile Application experience

  • IOS Application Development: At Interra, help you manage and strategize your iPhone/iOS app development project to get the desired end product. We offer services starting from the concept stage to fully functional iPhone Application Development. We provide you the complete solution through our services of conceptual design to implementation, quality control, release, upgrades, and maintenance in different categories like Business, Education, IT & Telecom, Insurance & many more.
  • Android Application Development: We have a team of expert Android App developers with relevant skills and experience. Our services start from conceptual design to implementation quality control, release, upgrades, and maintenance. Our goal is to help our clients achieve excellence with our highly crafted technological solutions that meet diverse business requirements.
  • Windows Application Development: Within our amazing team of talented, experienced developers are those dedicated to Windows Mobile and Windows phone app development. We offer innovative, fluid design; efficient, cost-effective, and standardized processes; and a user-focused approach to Microsoft app development. Our goal is simple: create amazing user experiences.

Website /Web portal development and design

Web development and design is our forte, we specialize in customizable and scalable web design solutions to accommodate business growth and expansion. The Interra website design team in Abuja, Lagos and other parts of Nigeria are readily available to provide a host of services that will create and boost your online presence. Being one of our core competencies, we focus on the development of fast-loading portals with a user-friendly interface, search engine optimization, and progressive Content Management System.

From the beginning, we provide the customer with services that ensure they get what they require to move their business forward. These services include:

  • Web Design: We conduct extensive research to understand market trends, competition and target audiences to create design ideas that stand out online.
  • Web Development: With years of experience, we can take any concept to reality by developing standard and customized web solutions that meet specific business goals.
  • Web Integration: We can integrate any type of web service and API without affecting the current site performance and end-user experience.
  • Website Maintenance: With an enterprise-grade infrastructure and around-the-clock support, we are always here for you whenever you need us to enhance or upgrade your existing website and keep it up and running.

System Integration

With our capabilities and expertise in technology, we help you transform seamlessly with quick and intelligent software integration. We ensure that you reshape your business processes with the right technology at the right time.

With our expertise and services, you can be assured of accelerated implementation, reduced costs, and minimized risks. Our system integration services can significantly reduce IT complexity while maximizing your ROI.
Our services include;

  • Data Integration Services: We design automated integration services for merging data in disparate applications, file formats, and Database Management Systems (DBMS), consolidating business processes and knowledge bases while ensuring complete data integrity during transfer.
  • API Integration Services: We utilize networking best practices when integrating custom-built, open-source, and third-party APIs that interface disparate enterprise platforms and processes, add web service functionality to applications, and synchronize data formats across applications.
  • Enterprise Application Integration: Our system integration specialists provide Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions, facilitating seamless communications between mission-critical business platforms. We have experience providing integrations for platforms that handle content management (CMS), accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, reporting and analytics, and digital marketing.

Cloud Application Development


We leverage the rapid elasticity, pervasive network access, on-demand self-service, and pay per use nature of the cloud to transform your enterprise applications into cost-effective solutions.

Our cloud solutions can be easily deployed into your existing infrastructure and can be customized to support new user requirements. This helps enterprises establish new business processes, develop products with the latest technologies, improve productivity by reducing development costs, and enhance business flexibility.
Our services include;

  • Cloud-based Application Development: We specialize in building applications for organizations that target the cloud for business needs. We manage the development approach by adopting standardized methodologies, implementing automated processes for authentication, and providing high-quality outputs.
  • Cloud-Migration Services: We specialize in migrating legacy and on-premise applications from enterprise data centers to state-of-the-art cloud platforms. Simultaneously, other reliant applications will also be verified for cloud adaptability, and a planned transformation approach will be put forth to establish an integrated cloud ecosystem.
  • Cloud Integration Services: We work towards integrating multiple services to ensure that data and processes are in sync across the enterprise’s on-premise and cloud services. We also address the overall organizational needs and unique change management needs of growing enterprises.
  • Cloud Consulting Services: We provide consultation and end-to-end support services to customers to help them identify new opportunities to leverage the cloud. Our support functions include identifying a suitable cloud deployment model, initiating a road-map for cloud adoption, and strategizing a planned approach towards cloud enablement.

Interra Software development team can assist you through the full software development cycle. We have delivered software projects for startup businesses, private and government institutions.

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