Interra Networks offers you the best support and maintenance experience, providing clients with industry accredited, qualified and fully insured professionals to offer regular maintenance and support checks that will extend the life span of your equipment, improve efficiency, erase downtime and reduce emergency repairs. We utilize specialized personnel whose technical base and experience ensure that our clients are provided with the best technical support/maintenance service and in the most efficient way in line with the industry standard practice.

Whether you run a small business or a large organization, Interra Networks has the support and maintenance offering to meet your needs, which will make your organization spend less time resolving technical issues. From regular IT updates to major system upgrades, count on our technical experience, and personalized customer service for all your IT needs. Interra Support and Maintenance Service (ISMS) includes the following:

  • Service Desk Provisioning: We analyze your IT Help Desk’s procedures, patterns, ticket trends, and provide you with a detailed review that will boost the end-user experience and help you save more.
  • Backup and Recovery Support: Our advantage is; we minimize and alleviate downtime/risk/ hazards. We protect sensitive information, safeguard critical data, and preserve the flow of operations ensuring it runs smoothly.
  • Network Support: Protect your network from digital threats. Our network security solutions protect, maintain, and keeps your business running.
  • Desktop Support: We provide you with several benefits such as Productivity & performance enhancement, quick implementation of more productive processes and operations, quick response, reduced expenses, 24*7 availability, and increased efficiency.
  • Application Support: Our application support team works closely with clients to identify and implement service improvements, root cause analysis, process implementation, adherence checks, etc.

Now You Can Reach Us!

Technical Help-desk Services The Interra Technical Help-desk is accessible at hours which are flexible and determined by the support plan you subscribe to. It supports customers via these multi-channel platforms:

Field Support Services

With a team of experts, our technical field support team is able to provide fast, dependable service whenever and wherever you need it most.

Make your job easier! Solve your business problems and maximize your productivity. Subscribe to the latest support and maintenance plan with resources and the expertise to make your business hitch-free. Interra Networks Limited, A one-stop-shop for all your Support and Maintenance requirements.

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