VANITY NUMBERS (0700 Non-Toll-free & 0800 Toll-Free Numbers in Nigeria)


Get Nigeria Toll-Free Numbers and Non-Toll-Free Numbers.

Voice connection remains the most effective and prevailing tool for businesses to turn inquiries into revenue. No matter what size or in what stage of growth your business is, having an easy to remember smart number helps you connect with prospects and customers.

We offer our clients value-added and enhanced telecommunication services to enable businesses to achieve their goal of generating revenue and improving customer experience.

We leverage strongly on our expertise and superior customer service to provide businesses with the assets they need to improve marketing effectiveness, generate revenue and build long term brand loyalty.

0700 Non-Toll-Free Numbers

The 0700 Non-Toll-Free numbers follow the numbering format 0700-COMPANYNAME and when that number is called, it is billed by the caller’s network operator. 0700 numbers help organizations improve their corporate image and brand.

0800 Toll-Free Numbers

The numbering format for this set of numbers is 0800-COMPANYNAME. The cost of calls made to toll-free numbers is borne by the subscriber. A toll-free deposit is made from which call costs are deducted as used.

Why use a Vanity Number?

  • It makes your business look and sound more professional.
  • It creates a brand identity that is easy for customers to remember.
  • Your website, business cards, and brand will be more recognizable with enhanced value-added service.
  • Generate more leads- Studies show that special numbers drive more traffic.

Our other Add-on features include;

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Center Service
  • Complaint Management System
  • Virtual PBX

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