Debt Recovery/Collection Service
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Debt Recovery/Collection Service

We are experts in debt recovery. Our experienced debt collectors deploy their skills to negotiate and persuade debtors to extract payments and in some case obtain installment payments where bullet repayment is not feasible.

iNterra is setting the standards in the collection industry with collections research, custom program design, technological advancements, personnel training, and most importantly, our commitment to customer service that is currently unparalleled. These distinct characteristics set us apart from our competitors and ensure that we will immediately improve your cash flow by virtually eliminating your delinquent receivables at the most competitive rates.

At iNterra, we help to streamline and improve your existing processes for debt collection while facilitating you with an experienced and courteous team of debt collection call center agents. With us on board, you can reduce the burden of bad debt, enhance existing cash flow, and achieve profitability while maintaining your brand image. We also understand that there is a need for a collections company that can help collect payments due since a long time and business-to-business debts and can help you collect the debt from such sources as well.
We have close to 200  professionals to handle fast, efficient and ethical collection services. With over 10 years of experience in the distressed-debt recovery industry, we’ve learnt how best to deal with clients and debtors in a fair manner.

Benefits of Outsourcing Debt Collection

  • We have a wealth of skill and expertise on recovering debts in a variety of circumstances and know how to resolve debt disputes promptly. This means you can have more debts paid off faster and less arrears at any given time.
  • Our Debt Collectors service works on commission basis – meaning if no debt is collected then no fee is charged. This saves your business at the expense of a paid employee.
  • Reduce  the HR-related expense of hiring and training additional staff and also reduce other costs associated with the debt collection process.
  • Hiring us  allows your business to distance itself from a negative role when your existing clients are reluctant to pay. Often the first notice from a collection agency is enough to mobilise customers into action, while allowing their relationship with your business to remain pleasant and neutral.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Our pricing rates are extremely customizable to suit your needs. Depending on the project complexity, call volumes, total number of hours required, and the level of skills requested, we can provide you with a pricing plan which fits your billing.
  • Our QC team always learns from the calls being made and ensures complete transparency of the processes. It also allows us to tweak our caller dashboards with new ideas to employ, especially when dealing with tough debtors.
  • Our diligent hiring process ensures only the best talent is assigned to your project. Our call center agents are hired through an intensive hiring and screening process and undergo months of training in order to deal with even the most complex customers.
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to your project who ensures that our support team is always ready to answer your queries. You also gain access to detailed reports accessible both online and offline through multiple devices.
  • We only take a fee if we collect. If our debt recovery service fails, no fee. What better incentive is there for a debt collection agency to work your files? Collecting money is our bread and butter and we know that we need to collect accounts in order to profit.

Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) service

Do you want to build a meaningful questionnaire to interview your audience? Then using Interra  CATI services is the best way to get started.. Making use of a highly intuitive Computer-assisted or Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI)  improves the performance and quality of market research data collection by helping interviewers ask relevant and effective questions.

To stay relevant in the market, businesses need to identify areas for improvement and act on them accordingly. With INterra Network’s Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing(CATI) services, clients are assured of  rich and insightful data to help them understand how their marketing efforts are received by their consumers. We have extensive experience in conducting large telephonic interviews and delivering results in a timely manner. From market research to customer satisfaction surveys, using specialized technologies, and professional interviewers, we have worked with a variety of target audiences across industries.

Our advantage hinges on our agents being professional, courteous, and efficient agents in retrieving authentic, accurate, and quality information. They are trained depending on your requirements and procedures to provide a customized response to your customer, in an efficient manner.

Quick glance at our service offerings

  • Data Processing service
  • Data Analytics service
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer loyalty service
  • Customer Follow-up Services
  • Email List Management Services
  • Subscription Renewal Services

Choose Us

  • We are proficient in cutting edge data analytics tools
  • You will improve customer loyalty
  • No infrastructure investment
  • We offer 24/7 Support Services

Market Research/ intelligence & Surveys

Getting the right information for you is the foundation of our consulting services. We gather the information you need about your industry, competitors, customers, or even your own organization. We obtain the necessary research and explain the critical data you need to make sound business decisions.

At INterra Networks, we conduct extensive market research and reporting on a variety of markets, as well as comprehensive market research and analysis to provide businesses with customized market insight and fresh perspectives on marketing campaigns. In order to display insights, we use reports, infographics, and ad hoc deliverables.

Try us if you are a large, medium or a small-scale business owner looking for a company to outsource your survey to while you get on with other businesses.

Let us be your trusted partner, we can support you with:
Defining your problem and strategy, Developing a survey template to match your research needs, Providing a highly accurate research report.

Whatever it is, we Identify the business problems that need to be addressed. It may sound cliché, but we are second to none at what we do.Let us help you determine the viability of your new product or service through surveys carried out directly with potential customers and clients.Through our survey, we can help you discover your target market while also getting opinions and feedback from consumers about their interest in your product and service.
From simple to sophisticated surveys, we have various designs, tailored to fit your market needs.

Benefits of Customer Tracking and Data Validation Services

  • Not forgetting our services are flexible, cost friendly, efficient and reliable. We are dedicated to ensuring that you get an enjoyable experience with us
  • We provide a full survey solution service. Be it digital marketing research, data collection, information gathering, tele surveys, intelligence survey etc.
  • Other than the fact that no company does it better, our company helps you while you focus on other agendas to find new opportunities for  business growth. We Understand the current customers’ requirements and conduct a comparative analysis of the services provided to customers in comparison to competitors.
  • Try us if you are a large, medium or a small-scale business owner looking for a company to outsource your survey to while you get on with other businesses.

Lead Generation services

Need new clients? Turn to Interra Outsourced lead generation service
Are you spending a small fortune on marketing for leads and not getting any results? Are your conversion rate percentages floating at the bottom of the weekly progress report? If you answered yes, then you need lead generation services.Outsource your lead generation service to Interra networks today and be assured of improving sales revenue.

Do you know that without leads your business dies. To help you avoid that, we dug into the best lead generation services available using our strategic b2b for all businesses.
Interra Networks Lead Generation Services are worth it! The most money making lead generation services available for you. We make lead generation sourcing so easy with the use of the right tools and team landing you more leads than you’ll know what to do with.

Develop a larger audience, create new business opportunities, improve the quality of leads, and raise your company's profile and awareness among your target audience. To attract and convert prospects into customers, we utilize several tactics, such as public relations, direct marketing, and sales promotion.

Quick glance at Interra Networks Data Entry Services offering

Interra Networks has gained hands-on experience and  reputation in offering the best consumer response services with no limits to distance and boundary. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose us:
  • E-commerce lead generation
    Reach an active audience with Interra Networks ecommerce lead generation service. Choose your own buyer and market with Interra networks Ecommerce lead generation.

    Have you always wanted to increase your sales? With Interra Networks, our lead generation services come with a 100% guaranteed return on investment. Interra Networks' lead generation strategy encourages flexibility and innovation, enabling you to customize your client interactions with more ease. Concentrate on your main business tasks while we increase your brand's visibility and trustworthiness. We provide a choice of call center solutions that can assist you in increasing lead generation and return on investment.
  • Outbound Lead Generation Services
    Engage with prospective consumers who may be unfamiliar with your product. Interra Networks sales professionals communicate with potential prospects, generating interest in a product or service and establishing a sales funnel. Outbound lead generation techniques that we use include cold calling, direct email, social selling, and direct mail.

  • Mortgage lead generation
    Make use of Interra Networks mortgage lead generating services to boost the number of financial leads you generate and the number of transactions you make. Outsource your Mortgage Lead generation services to Interra Networks, together we can identify the key consumer groups that your company targets as well as the current difficulties that your sector is facing in order to develop unique and data-driven lead generation marketing strategies.
  • Lead Generation for startups
    Inbound and content marketing, as well as the strategic use of email and other outbound methods, are key components of our successful lead generation strategy . Interra Networks provides a variety of services for startups, including B2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, and Cold Calling Services.Get affordable and effective lead generation services with Interra Networks.

  • Lead generation for IT companies
    Interra Networks provides qualified IT sales leads and engagements to IT service providers, and we accomplish this aim via the use of effective lead generating tools. We provide end-to-end services, which cover everything from client lists to assisting with the creation and refinement of sales campaigns to hosting and organizing webinars.